Monday, December 29, 2008

The count down begins...

New Year's is only a few days away and I'm freakin' out, man! No dress, no idea where to go or what to do, and no one to kiss as the clock counts down. The last part wasn't as depressing until I saw this lovey dovey site: It has the sweetest pictures of people in love, and for a newly singleton it was a little torturous. But, I'm going to be positive and will things to just fall into place (isn't that what The Secret was about?!) It better work or I'm gonna be pissed! On that note, I feel this poster is fitting.

So stinkin' cute!

Sunday, December 28, 2008


For me Sundays are for lounging around in old sweats and relaxing; however, as it gets later in the day I start to fill with anxiety at the pending week looming. Don't get me wrong, I try to approach things with an open mind (most of the time) but I always wonder where my weekend went. This past weekend was a good break for me. One of my best friends came up to spend the weekend with me and we hung around, shopped, watched Kung-Fu Panda (very cute), ate sushi 2 nights in a row, and actually sat in the VIP lounge at a run down bar in Houston. She brings out the playful side in me, but she also sees me for me. I am so comfortable with her not only because we lived together for 3 years during college, but also because we understand eachother on another level. She gets me and where I'm at right now. It was a nice to have a sincere friend around who I trust and can be very open with.

Well the inevitable is here..Sunday night and putting off all the important things I need to do before this week. So, instead of doing anything truly constructive, I've been trying to figure out where to find a pretty faux floral arrangement for my new mirrored bedside table I received for Christmas and trying to find a nice zebra print rug for my room. I'm trying to go for a classy boudoir look; however, I'm finding it hard to piece it all together. I want it to still be comfortable and not over the top. I've also been shopping for a New Year's Eve sequined dress (I'm going for over-the-top glam this year). I'm obviously not shopping in the right places for any of the things I'm looking for because everything I'm finding is either outrageously expensive or tacky looking.
Time to quit putting everything off and get to work. Here's to a half-week of work and then New Year's Eve!

Friday, December 26, 2008


I've turn to blogging because the title says it all...I get distracted very easily. I suppose this is an outlet for all the things that are crowding my scattered-brain. Honestly, sparkles and shiny things are my kryptonite (but delightfully so). Starting off, I'm a twenty-something newly minted graduate of A&M. I was very fortunate and was offered a job in the suburbs of Houston just a month after graduating. Now, being from a small town in good ole west Texas, it has been a transition full of surprises...good and bad. Traffic and humidity...are you kidding me?! But the opportunities and excitement of a big city have been fun too! Did I mention that I'm newly single and living in a suburb full of happy married couples with their 2.5 kids enjoying their white picket fences?
Each day holds something new and I'm trying to enjoy the journey rather than focusing on my final destination. So, this is a new start right before the new year. Let's see where life takes me this time around!