Monday, December 7, 2009

Dining table of my dreams..sigh

Oh my, I really love this dining table (and dining rooms for that matter) from Pottery Barn. It is just what I'm looking for. If only it was half it's price...oh well, a girl can dream, right?!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I think I found my new favorite designer! I found her while browsing on etsy and I couldn't love her work more! Her shop is called SarahSeven and she is an independent designer out of Portland. Her pieces are a work of art! enjoy...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend festivities

Whew! I've had an amazing weekend! First, my sister came down on Thursday night and my wonderful hubby decided to make us salmon and whole-wheat spaghetti! What a sweetheart :)

Then on Friday my sister and I went to the most amazing concert ever-BRITNEY!! Okay, I might be a little biased...I love Britney! But, I will say, it was so entertaining and so much fun to be in the crowd-just like a little kid giddy at the circus, which I assume that's what they were going for. I love going to concerts but I usually go to the run-of-the-mill Texas country concert. I love Texas country; however, the experience was completely different. We were lucky enough to have really great seat about 3 rows back from the floor! The first part of her performance was actual circus performers-like a contortionist (not sure if that is spelled correctly), two men balancing a beam on their shoulders and then throwing a lady in the air while she was doing flips. It was very impressive. But then, she came on and her whole set was just unbelievable-great dancers, interesting sets, fun costumes, and they even had a large screen that would come down from the ceiling that they played videos on. It was really spectacular! At the end of the show they had a confetti shower...ahh, what more could I have asked for?!!?
Although, the only things that made me a little nervous was the music was sooo loud and the bass was really intense. I was just anxious that it would hurt my little Pason. But, I'm pretty sure it's okay. It's not like it is a daily occurence and it wasn't more than a couple of hours.

On Saturday, my sister and I ran errands for a little while and then worked on the house. I'm so glad she came down. She's very good at organization. I love to decorate but when it comes to organizing I'm not the greatest. So, now our house looks and functions much better..thanks Courtnie! :) That night we had over Derek and Jenny and had a nice BBQ with our new grill! It was a lot of fun-besides the fact we had to watch Tech play. My husband is from Tech and is a crazy fan and this only poses a problem because I'm from A&M and 100% Aggie! This doesn't make the greatest combination if anyone knows much about Texas college football. So football season around our house should be interesting hahah...but we really did have a great time!

On Sunday, my hubby and I woke up and decided to go take a hike at the Tyler state park. It was beautiful but my allergies were going nuts! We walked about 2.5 miles and I took lots of pictures with my camera. I love being outdoors and taking pictures so this was a welcomed trip for both of us! We will be making many more visits now that we know how much there is out there! Pictures to come!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's a...

We had our big ultrasound today!!!

And...IT'S A BOY!!! Undeniably so! I've been so good about not shopping until I found out what our little baby was going to be so you better believe after I got out of the appointment I went shopping and found lots of cute stuff for my little boy!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Most exciting time of my life!

19 weeks has come so fast! I still don't feel like I look like a preggo but since I have to fit into a duponi silk wedding dress next weekend I guess that's a good thing! Although this is not how I imagined walking down the isle or starting my family, timing is only a small part of life. I'm with the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. We both have always wanted children and I think we both will make a great team to raise our kids. We were upset about the timing of things at first but we realize that we are nothing but blessed!

In other news, this weekend was so much fun! My sister threw me a bachelorette party in Dallas. It was beautiful! We spent the morning at the spa at the W, the fabulous hotel we stayed at. Then we went to shop at North Park and met up with the rest of the ladies and headed back to the hotel for a party! Next we headed over to Kimichi, a trendy Japenese restaurant right beside the hotel. After dinner we went to Ghost Bar on the top floor of the W. It was fun and we danced for awhile; however, I was easily tuckered and so we headed back to the suite and played games before we all fell asleep. It was perfect! I couldn't have asked for a better time!

This coming week has soooo much in store! I think it will possibly be the most exciting week of my life! On Tuesday we will find out the sex of the baby...I can't hardly wait! I'm seriously counting down the hours! I just hope that the baby is not going to be shy! Then on Wednesday, after work, we are heading back to good ole west Texas for the start of the wedding festivities. Thursday will be my final dress fitting and meet with the coordinator at the country club to finalize some plans. Then on Friday we have the rehearsal and dinner. And Saturday is the BIG day! I don't think reality has really set in yet. I'm not sure it really will until Saturday. So, in less than a week I'm going to married and half way through my pregnancy hahah...never thought that would be a sentence I would be saying. But, like I said before, I'm so excited and blessed!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Engagement Photos!

The lovely Michele from Picture This was sweet enough to fit us in her schedule to do our engagement pictures! I've been a fan of hers since I stumbled across her blog a couple of months ago. She has such a beautiful eye and amazing talent for turning ordinary photographs into true pieces of art! I couldn't be happier with the results! Here are a few of my favorites

She will also be doing our wedding photos and I know that those pictures will be just as amazing! We are so excited for our big day! The countdown is on...t-minus 25 days!

Monday, August 17, 2009

16 week down and only 24 more to go!

Yesterday we finally took pictures of my belly for the first time! I've been meaning to do it since we found out we were expecting but just kept getting side tracked and it seems we've only been getting busier and busier! So, here is the first picture of my new growing belly bump! I'm 16 weeks and finally starting to see a little tiny the way, please excuse the messy house in the background and was a long weekend and we are still working on cleaning and organizing the house!

I have to say...I'm happy in a sense that I'm not showing too much yet; however, I guess I'm just a little anxious and excited to see it finally pop! I'm seeing a lot of other pregnant friends who started to show as early as 9 or 10 weeks and really have a bump by now. They say between 16-20 weeks you should feel the little "flutters" of the baby kicking around and I can't wait!! I'm still very pround of myself as I have yet to buy ANYTHING..and for me, that's pretty impressive. I promised myself I wouldn't buy anything until we found out if baby Probandt is a boy or a girl. We have our scheduled ultrasound to find out on September 8th! The anticipation is gonna drive me crazy so I hope these next few weeks fly by! As I've said a million times before, as long as it is a healthy baby I will be happy with either!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wittle baby

I'm seeing so many things that are just so adorable. It's so hard not to start shopping for my little one. I've convinced myself to wait until I've at least found out the sex though! Dernit! Here are a couple of things I've found recently that I love...

Beyond the fun stuff like shopping and long as my little one is healthy that is all I care about!!! I'm almost to the end of my 13th week and this week my baby is the size of a peach and is forming teeth and vocal cords (oh, the better to wail with in a couple of months haha) and the intestines are starting to move their way from the umbilical cord into the tummy.

Monday, July 27, 2009

My Wedding

I'm getting married in September and have been hunting for "the perfect" wedding jewelry, decor, and so on. I've found a lot of really lovely things and I'm still trying to decide on some of the little things. For example, the jewelry. My colors are velvetry red and a turquoise. My bridesmaids are wearing a beautiful Gianni Bini lipstick red strapless dress and I'm giving them each a turquoise and pearl necklace. For me, I'm still trying to decide if I should go for something unique or more traditional. Here is one I've found that I think is interesting...

For the hair, I know I want to wear a flower on the side but I don't know if I should go for a red and make it more of an accent (and would match my shoes and bridesmaids and tie everything together) or if I should go for a classy ivory to match my dress. My fiance loves my hair down and loose curls but I have really long hair and I know that it won't hold beautiful curls all night. So, I've thought about doing half up and half down. I'm meeting with the hair dresser in a couple of weeks so maybe she'll have some good ideas of what to do.

I bought this letter P from Front Porch Shoppe's etsy shop. I love it! I'm thinking of using it at the sign in table at the reception. I'm also using willow branches and candles in Ball jars so I'll probably place some willow branches behind the P and some small votives around the book.

I like this cake and the colors are perfect!

These are the centerpieces I've already bought. I'm going to place 3 different size candles in the lantern with willow branches in a circle around it. For the 2 different sized vases I'm going to put my flowers in with willow branches coming up out of the arrangement. I'm going to place candles around the vases in Ball jars. For a table runner, I'm using a natural color burlap.

I love this idea I found on Snippet and Ink....

Hopefully, I can make some decisions fast and get this all together. I've got the big things done so I'm just working on getting the little things completed. I love planning a wedding but on this time frame, it is a little stressful and being indecisive makes it a little hard. As long as I'm marrying him, that is all that matters though! Life is good!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Sooooo....big news on the homefront!

I'M PREGNANT! First baby and it's exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time! My family is over-the-moon as it will be the first grand-baby. I know life is going to change dramatically but it's going to be great. I'm going to love this little one so much! I just pray that whether it be boy/girl that it be super healthy!

First baby picture

Now I'm obsessively combing the web for baby and nursery goodies. There is so many cute things but I'm determined to wait until I know for sure what gender the sweetpea will be. I'm thinking boy!

Here are a couple of things I've found so far:

This crib is just adorable...Pottery Barn!

Since he/she will be a winter baby they will need cute hats..found this one on etsy at this shop.

If it is a girl you know I'm going to dress her up and I love this cute tutu and flower headband! Found at Sweetie Pie Tutus' etsy shop.

This is such an adorable print by the talented Lauren Alexander. Her etsy shop!

And of course the fantabulous and amazing Junk Gypsy over at Gypsyville have the cutest little gypsy gear! The Mama Tried onesie and Sock Monkey are going to be some of my first buys!

ADORABLE sock monkey! Available at Junk Gypsy for only $12!

This says it all! I love it! Again a JG original!

The countdown begins!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm lovin it!

Just a quick post of things I'm loving now!

This beautiful tunic from! Very summery and pretty...

This frilly dress (also from love 'em)

I love peonies, but this picture makes me wanna go out buy some and then put them in my hair in hopes that it looks half as good! Maybe one day when I get married :)

These boho rings from pinquechocolat's Etsy shop!

And last but definitely not least, I really love EVERYTHING from Junk Gypsy! This is just a couple of shots of the things I love; however, there will be a longer more detailed post about the fabulous ladies over at gypsyville at a later time! There are not enough words to describe how much I respect the work they do! They are truly the most creative ladies with such a spectacular eye for style and fun! Once again, these are just a couple of things...