Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What a week!

What a chaotic week this has been! Wrapping up at the old job to get packed up and ready to move for the new one was anything but organized and easy. First, I obviously procrastinated the packing bit; however, since I have such a lovely family they were happy (or at least didn't complain too much) to help. On Friday as I got ready for bed, ready to get rollin' on the big move day, I began to have pain in my ear. As a child I was riddled with awful ear aches and underwent multiple surgeries to correct the problem. And if you know me, you know what horrible hearing I have now and that I blame it on this. So, from 9-12 that night the pain grew until it was completely unbearable. I have such a high pain tolerance, that it worried me tremendously. I woke my dad up and told him I would go to the mediclinic down the road. Being the amazing dad he is, he wouldn't let me go alone. We drove to the mediclinc, and of course it had to close 10 minutes before we got there, landing me in the E.R. After waiting what seemed to be a really long time, I finally saw the doc and he said it was a really bad ear infection and later that night my ear drum ruptured.

So, my Saturday did not go as planned. We put off moving for a day so I could get my new dilemma under control. Sunday rolls around and I'm ready to go; although, I was still without a voice and hearing on my left side. We got my stuff settled in my new off-white, peachy-pink apartment (another surprise), and as the night came I prepared myself for my first day on the job. I woke up Monday morning and my boss decided to let me miss the first surgery because of my chaotic weekend and we met up later that afternoon to visit some of the local hospitals and discuss the job.

And it was today that put the cherry on the cake! I woke up excited about my first "case" (I'm a orthopedic surgical sales rep, so I go into surgeries and instruct the surgeons on how to use our equipment). My mentor and I walk into the OR and as I'm watching the surgery I notice that my ear is still giving me problems. I had been dizzy for a while, which is very common for inner ear infections and even worse for a ruptured ear drum. Then all of a sudden I black out!!!! Worse than that, I PASS OUT ON THE SURGEON PERFORMING THE SURGERY AND ON THE PATIENT!!!! Now, let me tell you...this is the worst thing that could possibly happen in my first case. When I came to, all I could think was "Oh, God!"...I was humiliated and lying down on the OR floor on your first real day on the job is not a way to start! They were all very nice about it and helped me out. They were just concerned if I was hurt and trying to shake it off so they could get back to business. My new boss was probably thinking "I just hired someone who can't take the heat in the kitchen". So, tomorrow I really have to shine. I'm going to be praying hard tonight that I can catch a break and that all will run smooth for the rest of the week!

I just try to remember to find the humor in my humility!

Monday, February 2, 2009


Procrastination could be considered a bad thing...however, I don't feel bad about it! Not at all! Because, honestly, who wants to pack?! No one, that's who! Ugh...it is Monday and I'm moving on Friday and have packed nada! Lovely...
On a brighter note...cute animals can always make me smile so here it is:

cuteness provided by CuteOverload!