Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wittle baby

I'm seeing so many things that are just so adorable. It's so hard not to start shopping for my little one. I've convinced myself to wait until I've at least found out the sex though! Dernit! Here are a couple of things I've found recently that I love...

Beyond the fun stuff like shopping and long as my little one is healthy that is all I care about!!! I'm almost to the end of my 13th week and this week my baby is the size of a peach and is forming teeth and vocal cords (oh, the better to wail with in a couple of months haha) and the intestines are starting to move their way from the umbilical cord into the tummy.

Monday, July 27, 2009

My Wedding

I'm getting married in September and have been hunting for "the perfect" wedding jewelry, decor, and so on. I've found a lot of really lovely things and I'm still trying to decide on some of the little things. For example, the jewelry. My colors are velvetry red and a turquoise. My bridesmaids are wearing a beautiful Gianni Bini lipstick red strapless dress and I'm giving them each a turquoise and pearl necklace. For me, I'm still trying to decide if I should go for something unique or more traditional. Here is one I've found that I think is interesting...

For the hair, I know I want to wear a flower on the side but I don't know if I should go for a red and make it more of an accent (and would match my shoes and bridesmaids and tie everything together) or if I should go for a classy ivory to match my dress. My fiance loves my hair down and loose curls but I have really long hair and I know that it won't hold beautiful curls all night. So, I've thought about doing half up and half down. I'm meeting with the hair dresser in a couple of weeks so maybe she'll have some good ideas of what to do.

I bought this letter P from Front Porch Shoppe's etsy shop. I love it! I'm thinking of using it at the sign in table at the reception. I'm also using willow branches and candles in Ball jars so I'll probably place some willow branches behind the P and some small votives around the book.

I like this cake and the colors are perfect!

These are the centerpieces I've already bought. I'm going to place 3 different size candles in the lantern with willow branches in a circle around it. For the 2 different sized vases I'm going to put my flowers in with willow branches coming up out of the arrangement. I'm going to place candles around the vases in Ball jars. For a table runner, I'm using a natural color burlap.

I love this idea I found on Snippet and Ink....

Hopefully, I can make some decisions fast and get this all together. I've got the big things done so I'm just working on getting the little things completed. I love planning a wedding but on this time frame, it is a little stressful and being indecisive makes it a little hard. As long as I'm marrying him, that is all that matters though! Life is good!