Friday, April 29, 2011

Laura Winslow Photography giveaway!

Laura Winslow is giving away a ton of goodies over at
Check it out!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I heart...

Hats - Jewelry & Accessories -
This adorable summer hat from Anthropologie

Carter - Shop
This Amber Venz bracelet!

Efflorescent Eventide Necklace -
This necklace from Anthropologie

Women TOMS Classics Available Online, Inspired By Argentine Alpargatas.
These Tom's

This sweet summer dress from Spool 72

Callisto Posts -
Anthropologie Callisto Posts

Sliced Stone Earrings
Anthropologie Sliced Stone earrings
583953.jpg (JPEG Image, 345x345 pixels)
and especially this baby...Canon Mark II 5D

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crave Giveaway!

Oh, on the topic of photography, Crave Photography is having a major giveaway...HUGE! She's gracious enough to be giving away an all-expense paid 2 day trip to Utah for a private mentoring session. Plus, she is also throwing in tons of goodies from some amazing vendors like Florabella Actions, Gracylu, Rock the Drops, and more! Go here for the details:

Good luck!


A Picture is Worth a Living?

I've always wanted to be a photographer- well, okay since about my freshman year in high school I started playing with my dad's old camera and found that I really enjoyed it. I went to a small school in the country and there wasn't a photography course like at some of the larger schools around. I did do A.P. art my junior and senior year of high school and was able to work with a more advanced digital camera. But still, I always longed for more. In college I went to Texas A&M (WHOOP) and although I loved it, there was no arts focus at this very agricultural school. 

Now I'm a stay at home mom to a beautiful baby boy (and about to be another) and I long to have some sort of financial contribution. While I know that I'm doing the most important thing by raising my kids (and enjoyable...this is way better than a 9-5 on just about everyday-----no lie, there are certain days where I would love to be able to go to work and have adult social interaction). I would also like to have a more creative outlet that I can put my name to. Sometimes I think I see in 'photograph'. I constantly look at life through moments to capture. I carry around my point and shoot nearly all the time and love to document our family's life and the beauty of nature around us. 

My husband is so supportive. I'm so grateful he is. We've been talking about saving money to get me my camera equipment and supplies to get a business started. I'm praying that God guides me and helps me figure out my path. Here are some inspirational photos from, where else? PINTEREST! Such an amazing forum for ideas and inspiration. 






How lovely are all these pictures. There's so much beauty to capture! 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Vacation Lust

Lusanne Lake, Switzerland

Amalfi Coast, Italy


Split-view Waterfall, Hawaii


I have a major case of vacation lust! Just looking at these pictures makes me wanna pack up and get away for awhile. Being that I'm 8 months pregnant I don't think it's gonna happen-a girl can dream, right?!